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Join and co-create your community of under represented changemakers

Shout out to entrepreneurs from under represented groups, committed to positive social impact.

What is Roar of the Zebra all about?

ROTZ is a new initiative, a collaborative community with a simple aim.

To support and empower underrepresented groups to become the next generation of social impact entrepreneur.

But it is not a level playing field and under represented groups face additional challenges.

We want to address the imbalance.

The community will be digital and global, facilitating participation and the sharing of resources. We will share tools, information & articles, talks & webinars, a podcast and much more, with the focus of supporting under-represented groups to beat the odds when it comes to growing your impact business.

Why join ROTZ?

This is what our early joiners tell us:

Sound familiar? Join our community

Zebra Growth are a small agency with big ideas. We want to do our bit for humanity through the power of mindful, balanced growth.

We’re helping to build a new, regenerative economy.

An economy that is run by ethically driven entrepreneurs who seek to balance profitable growth with creating positive societal impact.

What you
need to know
about ROTZ

The aim of the group is simple. We want to support and empower business start up and scale ups, thought leaders and changemakers in underrepresented groups, irrespective of age, gender, sexuality, race, culture, disability, social status.

We will:

  • Provide a collaborative support network and community to empower under-represented groups, giving access to information, insights, resources, collaboration and open dialogue (monthly forums).
  • Provide 1st line collaborative support to grow the positive social impact business community
  • Open up access to thought leaders in the space for the benefit of members and community – e.g speaker program
  • Level up the playing field through collaboration and access to information and insights
  • Facilitate introduction to ‘trusted partners’ in the network

Struggling to find your voice? Join our community and add your voice to ours!

What you
can expect

Group ethos –

‘all voices are equal’ We all have experiences and knowledge that we can share to empower and support others. The aim of this group is to create a like minded community where we can all learn, experience and flourish.

Commitment –

‘this is your group’ You will be encouraged to get involved! We need your input to make this a thriving, collaborative and dynamic community.

Participation –

‘be empathetic and kind’ Show courtesy and respect at all times. The group is a safe space where members can question, challenge and discover without fear of judgment. The only ‘rule’ is – be kind!

Your voice will be heard.

Early Sign Up